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Fish Stock

Now is a great time of year to “stock” up! Fish stock makes a great base for all your seafood soup, pie, and sauce recipes as well as a great steaming liquid. The bones (also called frames) are available frozen at the store at no charge. We save them as we process our fish so they can be used for this purpose. We also sell ready made halibut stock, in case making your own stock at home is not an option.

One of the most frequent questions we are asked at the store is for cooking recommendations. We have decided to start a recipe bank here on our website as well as on facebook and with notifications of new publications coming out on twitter. We will be posting a new recipe weekly.

Looking for a past recipe? Check out the archive….



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  1. Hi, Do you use any wheat flour or gluten in your batter? Is there any dairy in your batter? Buttermilk, milk powder or butter? Thanks for your time!

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