What we catch

Our boats fish Dungeness Crab yearound and Spot Prawns when the season is open in May and June. Both of these BC fisheries are considered by SeaChoice and Oceanwise to be sustainable seafood options.

This is partly because the traps used to catch crab and prawns do not result in much bycatch (unintentional harvest of other species), as you can see below. For more information about crab and prawns, including fishery management, seasonal availability, and recipes, click either picture below:
qg-crab-crew joewtrap300

Dungeness crab                                          Spot prawns


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Opening day announced!

We have finally opened our doors – just in time for the holiday season! Thank you to all our customers who made our first week such a success. We so appreciate your support and look forward to meeting many more of you in the weeks to come. Best wishes to you all for 2017.