Spot Prawns

The local waters around us are home to one of the sea’s finest delicacies: the spot prawn.

That’s why during the months of May and June (the height of spot prawn season) our fishermen head out on our boats to catch live prawns that are delivered fresh to our stores.

We also process and freeze high-quality catch to sell to our customers all year round.

Ethical and Sustainable Fishing

As with all of our fishing, we’re 100% committed to sustainable sourcing and practices that help preserve our valuable local ecosystems. That’s what makes the spot prawns so important to us - as well as their amazing flavour!

Spot prawns have been rated as Green by the Sea Choice watchdog organization. With the carefully baited traps used by our fisherman, very few other species are caught up in the traps, which themselves cause minimal damage to the surrounding habitat.

Spot Prawn Facts

  • Roughly 90% of B.C’s spot prawn harvest is exported, primarily to Japan and China
  • The spot prawn is the largest of the seven prawn species that are fished in our waters - with the largest exceeding 23 cm (9 inches) in length
  • Spot prawns are identified by a reddish-brown shell with white horizontal lines and two white spots on the first and fifth shell segments

Preparing And Cooking Spot Prawns

When sold fresh, the prawns must be processed or eaten the same day, as the head of the prawn contains an enzyme that will break down and turn the texture into an unappealing pulp. Likewise, discard any shells as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted odors and decay.

To process the prawns, remove the head with a twisting motion. The tails can then be stored in a container filled with either saltwater or tap water with a spoonful of salt added. After this, the prawns can be stored for up to two years.

Fresh spot prawns are an absolute treat - the mild richness of the flesh making them ideal as either a crowd-pleasing starter or the centrepiece of a seafood main course!

What To Make With Your Spot Prawns

  • Prawn Bisque
    Nose to tail cooking is one of the hottest trends, so why not make the most of those prawn heads by roasting them to use as the base for an appetizing prawn bisque
  • Poached with Dips
    Opt for simplicity and poach in boiling salted water for two minutes, before serving with a trio of dips for a crowd-pleasing gourmet appetizer. We recommend some garlic butter, a lemon and parsley aioli, and a sweet chilli option for those who want some kick
  • Barbeque
    If you’re taking the party outside - why not barbecue the prawns, quickly searing them to take advantage of that natural sweetness for an upscale take on finger food
  • Ceviche
    Take advantage of their freshness and serve them as an elegant ceviche, dressed in lime, some high-quality olive oil, and a sprinkling of fresh herbs