Halibut Dish

One of the tastiest and easiest to find fish, is halibut. Not only is it delicious, it’s also a nutritionally beneficial option, being a rich source of essential fatty acids, protein, minerals like zinc and calcium, and useful vitamins A, E, and D. In addition to its nutritional value, as a non-oily fish it will be lower in both calories and saturated fats in comparison to other fish such as salmon. 

When it comes to cooking halibut, the most important thing to keep in mind is that halibut is a fish that can dry out quickly if cooked for too long. This means for the most part, it’s better to cook it with quicker methods such as frying, grilling, or roasting, or cook it in a liquid to retain moisture.

Halibut is also an excellent choice, due to its firm and subtly flavoured flesh, for cooking via the ceviche method, where the fish is cooked in an acid such as citric acid from a lemon or lime. Just remember that if you’re planning on making ceviche it is essential that you use a well sourced, high quality, fresh cut of halibut. 

Halibut Recipes

Here are few different ways you can cook halibut for yourself at home:

  • Buttery Classic
    A tried and tested method for cooking halibut is to keep things simple, by just pan frying in some butter. Start by heating a generous amount of butter in a pan until it foams, and cook halibut pieces for a few minutes on each side, skin side down first to crisp it up, before serving with a simple sauce and vegetables, such as a beurre blanc and mushrooms 

  • Cook In The Sauce
    One of the best ways of handling this delicate fish, especially in terms of avoiding drying it out, is to poach it in a simple but rich sauce, either a tomato based or a lemon and white wine sauce. Flavoured with plenty of garlic and herbs, this is a great way to have a succulent piece of fish. Just make sure not to overcook it so it flakes away. 

  • Grilled To Perfection
    If you have a halibut steak, you can cook this meatier cut perfectly on a barbecue—perfect for a summer cookout. All you have to do is brush it with oil and season to your taste beforehand, and grill over a high heat until just cooked. Serve in a brioche bun for a great burger! 

Seafood in our Kitchen

Fried halibut can also be found in our kitchen as part of our renowned Fish & Chips. But if you’re wanting something a bit lighter, when it comes to the perfect snack food, especially on a warm spring or summer day out, there are no shortage of contenders. 

But you’ll find it hard to beat the pleasure of a succulent oyster, fried in a crisp batter, something we specialize in serving up at our restaurant! With the added pleasure of one of our specialty sauces, whether it’s the traditional tartar sauce, or the vibrant chipotle or wasabi aioli, come by our Kitchen for a tasty snack.

No matter whether you’re looking for sustainably sourced, high quality fish to take home, or want to stop somewhere and enjoy a delicious bite during a day out, we will ensure you receive nothing but the finest and freshest fish our waters have to offer.