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Fish Tales| Tagged Salmon

Halibut and Cold Smoked Fish: Easy Seafood To Use

Categories: Specials, Sustainability

Sometimes it can be a little intimidating using seafood, knowing exactly how to cook each product, from cooking times to flavour pairings. However two relatively simple seafood products to use are halibut and ready-made cold smoked fish. Halibut is a very forgiving fish when cooked, and cold smoked fish is ready to eat but can also be used in a variety of dishes to add smokiness and delicious flavour. 

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Using Canned Salmon

Category: Sustainability

We won’t argue that canned salmon is just like fresh salmon—nothing can beat that—but we will say, if you’ve never tried canned salmon, or have been put off by it, it’s time to give it a chance. 

It’s affordable, sustainable, and most importantly, delicious! To help convince you, we’re going to explain a little about what goes into the process of making canned salmon and tell you about some of the tasty things you can do with it. 

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Christmas Table

Seafood for Christmas: Scallops, Whole Salmon, and More!

Category: Sustainability

While for many the classic image of a Christmas feast is of a golden roasted bird - specifically a turkey, front and centre with a glutton of trimmings festooning it, there has often been a place for fish and seafood at the centre of the table. 

Here we take a look at a few global traditions as well as ideas for delicious meals made with seafood, from scallops to salmon. 

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Smoked trout over linguine

All About Smoked Fish

Category: Recipes

Smoked fish is something that the Pacific Northwest is famed for, and as such we think it’s the perfect product to highlight this month!

Here at Oak Bay Seafood, we’re proud to be able to carry on that tradition with a wide range of the very best smoked fish and seafood, so read on to find out more about the process, a great pasta recipe, and some of the amazing fish and seafood you can order directly from us.

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Preserving BC's Wild Salmon Population

Category: Sustainability

Alexandra Morton — known as the Jane Goodall of BC salmon — has dedicated her work to chronicling the BC wild salmon population, and fighting for its conservation. Here we take a look at preserving BC's wild salmon population, which are in integral part of BC's wilderness. 

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Sockeye Salmon

All About That Sockeye - Plus An Arctic Char Recipe

Category: Recipes

Salmon have a ton of variety and a curious lifestyle. They come back to their home stream to mate at the end of their life cycles and swim in other bodies of water in between. Sockeye salmon particularly is one of the most popular varieties you’ll find in Victoria, due to it’s versatility and deliciousness! You can bake it, broil it, grill it, or poach it, making this type of salmon perfect for all kinds of different recipes. 

Arctic Char is a favorite of tourists and local Victorians alike and is similar to salmon, but with its own unique flavor. Read on to find out more about both of these fish, where to find them, and how to cook them. 

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Enjoy Spot Prawns and Salmon this Summer

Category: Recipes

Did you know that shrimp come in many forms? Did you know that salmon isn’t only pink? The waters of British Columbia are filled with a variety of different of amazing options, many available for you to enjoy at Oak Bay Seafood.

You can pick up fresh selections of your favorites to cook at home (check out the salmon recipe below!) or opt for our takeout options and shuck the whole idea of cooking altogether.

Save time, eat sustainable and healthy foods, and get quality you can count on every time. There is no excuse not to enjoy superior quality seafood this summer!

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Seafood at Christmas – Salmon, Whole Fish, & Scallops

Categories: Recipes, Specials

With Christmas coming up, that means fish on the menu! One of the amazing things about what we do here at Oak Bay Seafood is our year-round seasonality, which means we have delicious fresh seafood for every season.

We have a wide variety of seafood for you to choose from, and we think this month’s piece really highlights that.

Here we take an in-depth look at the beauty of using whole fish, a delicate and simple scallop dish that is elegant and deep in flavour, and a sampling of salmon ideas for your Christmas meal.  

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