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Sockeye Portion sockeye salmon on cedar plank

Sockeye Portion


Also known as "red salmon" sockeye weigh on average 8 pounds. They are an exceptional fish, with a high oil content and contain more omega-3s than any other fish.

Sockeye salmon has the most ‘salmon’ flavour of the salmon varieties, with a firm, compact flesh which makes it stand up very well to grilling. Another good option for cooking sockeye includes baking it – brush with oil or a marinade, wrap in parchment and roast in the oven.

Cooking sockeye on a cedar plank is a very traditional method that helps prevent the fish from overcooking or sticking to the grate. Soak your cedar plank for a few hours in water to prevent it from catching on fire. Pat your salmon pieces or whole fillet dry and brush on both sides with just a little oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper (or your favourite marinade. A mix of soy sauce and maple syrup make for a west coast fusion dish). Place skin down on the plank and put into the bbq, cook with the lid down until fish is cooked through. Enjoy!