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Steelhead Fillet Salmon chunks on potato and mint salad

Steelhead Fillet


Steelhead used to be classified as salmon, but now are more generally accepted to be a variety of rainbow trout, despite their migration to the ocean. No matter their official classification, it is undeniable that steelhead are delicious smoked. With their little more fat between the layers of meat, it creates a tender but firm piece of fish.

Ready to be eaten as is, enjoy a slice as a delicious, protein-packed snack. You can also crumble it onto quiches, salads, noodles and rice bowls – wherever you want a bit of salty umami fishy goodness!

For a hearty salad combine cold or hot cooked potatoes, cooked peas, fresh mint, and romaine lettuce. Top with fish and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Enjoy!