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“We eat what we sell”

About Us

Owners - Gregg & Anne standing on a dock

Oak Bay Seafood is the product of over four decades of hands-on experience by Gregg and Anne Best, working the waters, and bringing locally sourced high-quality seafood to our customers. 

We have always been a family operation, right from the very beginning living on the Queen Charlotte Islands (now Haida Gwaii) and commercially fishing halibut, salmon, and crab from our very own troller/longliner: The Hopeful. The name comes from every fisherman's dream, "hope we’re full…" which we built ourselves in 1981.

We opened our first retail outlet in 2010, starting in Cowichan Bay, then moving to the Victoria Public Market in the Hudson. We have finally settled on Oak Bay Avenue where we feel a close connection with a community we are delighted to be a part of, providing them with locally sourced and sustainably fished seafood whether it’s on their plates at home or in our restaurant.

Fresh, and Ethically Sourced Seafood  

We offer fresh fish and seafood to our local customers, and our restaurant serves up affordable seafood with the freshest ingredients for the whole family, all in one single location.

We’ve turned our knowledge and experience into something of a port in a storm for anyone who needs fresh, and ethically sourced seafood.

We are backed by our wholesale seafood operation in Saanich: Better Seafood Supply. This means we can commit to the best industry-standard practices when it comes to sustainability, promising all of our customers freshness and fairness, from sea to table.

Along our journey, we have always been invested in making sure we and the other local fisheries are committed to sustainable and ethical practices that help preserve the ecosystem that is so vital to our way of life.

As a part of our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, Gregg has served in a number of valuable roles, including:

  • Member of the Halibut Advisory Board
  • Canadian Commissioner for the International Pacific Halibut Commission (several terms)
  • Founding member of the Area A Crab Association
  • Served as a caucus member of the Pacific Prawn Fisherman's Association.
  • Working closely alongside the Archipelago Marine Research to introduce a cutting-edge electronic monitoring program into the crab fishery in Hecate Strait
  • Currently serving as a caucus member of the Pacific Spot Prawn Fishermen’s Association

Around Town

Best of the City Victoria - 3rd PlaceWe are proud to have taken part in and support these local events and organizations: