Give Canned Salmon A Chance 

We won’t argue that canned salmon is just like fresh salmon—nothing can beat that—but we will say, if you’ve never tried canned salmon, or have been put off by it, it’s time to give it a chance. 

It’s affordable, sustainable, and most importantly, delicious! To help convince you, we’re going to explain a little about what goes into the process of making canned salmon and tell you about some of the tasty things you can do with it. 

Something that can often dissuade people from buying canned products, and especially canned fish, is the lack of transparency and detailed information. That’s why we’re giving you this short primer on how exactly the salmon canning process works. 

The most important initial step is the inspection of the caught fish. This is done by qualified and experienced experts, who inspect the fish both internally and externally to ensure quality. A further inspection is also conducted after the “cannery butchering” process, and this is the removal of the head, fins, tails, and belly by mechanical equipment. After the salmon have been fed into a filling machine, they’re canned with only salt as an additive and packed in the natural liquid produced by the fish during the heat processing procedures.  

The most important takeaway? That the canning process for salmon ensures you aren’t sacrificing the two things that we love the most about salmon: the taste and the bounty of nutrients it provides. With canned salmon, you still get all of the essential protein, omega-3, and other nutrients you would get from fresh salmon. 

We carry a few types of canned salmon from The Fishery, who produce a variety of quality canned seafood. 

Delicious Salmon Dishes 

Canned salmon is also tremendously versatile, with a delicious flavour and texture, as well as being an incredibly easy to use and prepare ingredient, which makes it an essential component for a wide range of dishes. 

Here are some of our favourite ideas for how you can make the most of canned salmon: 

  • Burgers
    Burgers are an amazing quick midweek meal idea, and by using canned salmon instead of ground meat, you can achieve something that is adaptable, healthy, and mouth wateringly delicious. For an alternative quick midweek meal, you could also use the canned salmon to make fishcakes. 

  • Salads
    Just like fresh salmon, canned salmon is one of the best salad ingredients, especially if you want to make something in batches and store it for a quick and simple lunch throughout the week. Some great ideas for canned salmon include Mediterranean salmon and couscous salad, salmon salad with dill and a Dijon dressing, or a salmon, avocado, and feta salad.  

  • Breakfast
    Some of us are not morning people, but why not take advantage of the convenience of canned salmon to make a delicious breakfast, such as a salmon omelette, or a salmon and egg scramble.

  • Fried Rice
    Try a salmon fried rice for an easy midweek meal, as it's a great way to use pantry and leftover ingredients. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for high-quality canned goods, delicious prepared sauces, or the very best in fresh fish, you’ll find it all here. To put something special on your table today, order through our website or come into the store today.