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Halibut Dish

What To Know About Cooking Halibut

Categories: Recipes, Specials

One of the tastiest and easiest to find fish, is halibut. Not only is it delicious, it’s also a nutritionally beneficial option, being a rich source of essential fatty acids, protein, minerals like zinc and calcium, and useful vitamins A, E, and D. In addition to its nutritional value, as a non-oily fish it will be lower in both calories and saturated fats in comparison to other fish such as salmon. 

When it comes to cooking halibut, the most important thing to keep in mind is that halibut is a fish that can dry out quickly if cooked for too long. This means for the most part, it’s better to cook it with quicker methods such as frying, grilling, or roasting, or cook it in a liquid to retain moisture.

Halibut is also an excellent choice, due to its firm and subtly flavoured flesh, for cooking via the ceviche method, where the fish is cooked in an acid such as citric acid from a lemon or lime. Just remember that if you’re planning on making ceviche it is essential that you use a well sourced, high quality, fresh cut of halibut. 

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Halibut and Cold Smoked Fish: Easy Seafood To Use

Categories: Specials, Sustainability

Sometimes it can be a little intimidating using seafood, knowing exactly how to cook each product, from cooking times to flavour pairings. However two relatively simple seafood products to use are halibut and ready-made cold smoked fish. Halibut is a very forgiving fish when cooked, and cold smoked fish is ready to eat but can also be used in a variety of dishes to add smokiness and delicious flavour. 

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Dungeness Crab

All About Halibut and Crab

Pacific halibut are some of the largest fish and are native to the north Pacific, occurring in the northeast from the Bering Sea and Alaska to California, but are most abundant off the coasts of  British Columbia. They have a flat, diamond-shaped body and can attain a length of over 8 feet and a width of over 5 feet.

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